Champagne Gérard Loriot à FESTIGNY

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Our Tips from the Loriot family

How to age our champagne ?

We invite you to let the bottle lie down. Keep a constant temperature of 11°C. Avoid light, airstream and freeze. You can keep the bottle for few years, it will not alternate the taste, however it will not improve it either. Our Champagne can be enjoyed straight after your purchase as the wine was matured in our cellar.

How to cool down the bottle and serve the champagne?

The best temperature to enjoy the champagne is between 8°C and 10°C. To get this temperature, we invite you to put the bottle in a champagne bucket with ice during 30 minutes. You also put the bottle in the refrigerator for 4 hours (Avoid freezer)

Serve the champagne into a champagne glass or a tulip shaped glass to express a maximum of aromas. Use only hot water to wash glasses.


A successful celebration requires :

> During aperitif: 1/3 bottle per person
> During dinner: ½ bottle per person
> During a party: ¾ bottle per person

For your information, a bottle contains 6 champagne glasses.


Enjoy your tasting